Case Studies

Dan Huxley - Teacher Charles Dickens Primary School. 'The benefits of work-life balance'

Tell us about the flexible working arrangements you have in place at your school:

We have part-time work, flexible time and the ability to work from home on PPA. The school has a ‘solution focussed’ approach and works together to support requests.

The culture means there are full-time flex options such a blended CPD (some remote, some in person), family days and ad hoc requests are granted.

As well as more formal contractual changes. I compressed my hours to 4 days to allow me to take a day with my daughter. I also took a shared paternity option.

How are flexible working requests managed?

Through the headteacher. We also have regular ‘stay’ meetings to discuss any personal or professional needs the school can support us with.

What are the benefits to you?

I can spend more time with my young family. I feel my life is balanced and therefore feel able to fully invest myself professionally.


What are the benefits for the school?

Quite simply, happy staff leads to teachers staying in the job and in the school. We feel cared for and heard. Flex is needed at different stages in our lives and the school culture supports this and in turn, retains talent.


What are the challenges for the school?

It can be tricky to cover any flexible working requests, but by understanding staff needs and staff understanding the needs of the school, a workable solution is almost always found.


How have your flexible working needs changed throughout your career?

I didn’t feel I needed to work flexibly before I had a family but now, I want a balance.


 Advice for others considering flexible working requests:

Be open and have a talk about what you need. Find out what the options are. Be solution focussed but also flexible to find the best outcome.

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